East Hampton Aviation Association was formed to represent the interests of local general aviation and historic plane enthusiasts including pilots, owners, and operators of aircraft at the East Hampton Airport.


The airport, which has been serving the East End since the 1930s, offers a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts, and provides more than 90 jobs to our local community. In addition, the airport is responsible for direct revenues generated by its facilities, adding more than $15 million per year to the local economy, supporting rescue, medivac and other emergency services.

Most recently, EHAA has been working closely with the East Hampton Town to generate additional airport related revenues for needed maintenance, and to adopt safe, legal and effective ways to mitigate noise to ensure that the airport remains a good neighbor and a valuable asset for the future. 

Photo:  The New York Times

Photo: The New York Times

East Hampton Aviation Association also works closely with many local charities. EHAA members were on the executive planning committee for a benefit for Wings Over Haiti, a non-profit organization which raises money to build a school for 400 children in Ranquitte, Haiti.

We strive to help create and maintain a safe, economically self sustaining, and valuable resource, the East Hampton Airport.”
— Kent Feuerring, President


                 Kent Feuerring (President)                    

                 Kathryn Slye Allen (Vice Pres.)         

                 Jonathan Sabin (Treasurer/ Secr.)          

                  Irving Paler (Board)                           

                  Gene Oshrin (Board)                                  

                  Gerard Boleis (Board)                                 

                  Elliott Meisel (Board)              

                  Dean Foster (Board) 

                  Jacquin Fink (Board)  

Nancy Keeshan (Board)

Michael Untermeyer (Board)

Frank Sorrentino (Board)

Gianpaolo de Felice (Board)